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** ALL New subscriptions must now begin with the 2018 Veterans Day and include that one remaining 2018 holiday as well as all five 2019 holidays The total amount for those six holidays is $54.
** Please provide your phone
number in the text box below so that we may contact you if there is a problem with your order.

** Also, if this is a gift for someone at a different address, please change the Shipping address during the PayPal or credit card information processing.
---- After filling in the text boxes, click on the Pay Now button below to process your order (you will be given the choice of using PayPal or a Credit Card). Afterward, you should receive an emailed receipt from PayPal.

(Dor-Wood must receive contribution at least 21days prior to placing a flag on the next flag holiday for which you are ordering)

Use this  Pay Now button to order One Flag for the six holidays = $54.

One Flag - 6 Holidays / Start Veterans Day
Your phone #(forDorWood only)
Your CID # if received notice

Use the  Pay Now button below to order a 2019 Renewal

of One Flag for the five 2019 holidays = $45.

One Flag / 5 Holidays
Your Phone # (DorWood Only)
Your CID # if received notice


Option #2: Mail-in Form:

If you wish to mail in a subscription,
click on this link to a printable Mail-in Form

Avenue of Flags, DorWood Optimist Club
P.O. Box 292266
Kettering, Ohio 45429

** If you have questions, please contact us
at (937) 424-9058 or at:
When calling the above number, if not answered immediately,
your call will
be converted to an email notifying us of your call.
Your call will be returned.

Thank you to those who supported the Dor-Wood Optimist Club's  AVENUE of FLAGS program in the past.  Your generous donations help us continue providing support for youth-based projects and programs in the Kettering Community.

Memorial Day    Flag Day    Independence Day    Labor Day    Veterans Day

*** Future renewals will be mailed / emailed in January each year.***

Click on the Flag above to see an Avenue of Flags photo album

For more information on the AVENUE of FLAGS program,
you may contact
us at (937)

Or Email us

Please share this program with your neighbors and friends.

Map of Routes & Stops

2018 Calendar for member delivery / pickup