Recent Projects Sponsored by Dor-Wood Optimist

2017 Kettering Backpack Program
supported by DorWood, as a sponsor for the Big Shootout

(click on above link to see a photo & thank you from Jim Berlon)

2017 Writing Workshop at Van Buren Middle School
supporting Van Buren students & teacher Karen Locke

(click on above link to see the project, photos & thank you from Karen Locke)

Youth Projects Sponsored by Dor-Wood Optimist

  • Kettering Safety Village sponsored by Dor-Wood since 1966, held in June for area  pre-school children.

  • Scholarships for outstanding students at Fairmont HS & Alter HS

  • Fairmont-Alter Season Starter Program

    Fairmont, Alter & Carroll HS After-Prom Programs

  • Various Boy Scout & Girl Scout Programs
  • FKAL and KABC Team Sponsorships
  • Kettering YMCA Programs

  • Sponsor of 7 Junior Optimist (JOOI) youth clubs
  • Optimist International Jr. Golf Championship
  • Optimist Tri-Star Sports Programs

  • Optimist Essay & Oratorical Contests

  • Youth Appreciation Day for area students involved in the Safety Patrol programs

Community Projects Assisted by Dor-Wood Optimist

Community Activities: Dor-Wood Optimist Donations

  • Ascension Walk-a-Thon

  • McAffee Trunk or Treat